Setting a New Standard for Brand and Store Relationships

Companies dread the moment where they entrust their products and plans to third-party vendors to execute in stores. Those stores don’t like the constant parade of strangers required for installation, and don’t like the impact of a subpar job on their retail experience. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Bringing Humanity and Accountability Back

We entrust our employees, not low-cost contractors, with executing our partners’ plans, ensuring the highest levels of problem-solving, accountability, and communication.


Every store has unique challenges, and your merchandising partner should be equipped to solve them all to maximize sales.

Shopper Marketing

Retail is alive and well, but only if frontline employee expertise enhances customer knowledge and experience.

Installation Services

Whether a single display or an entire store, you deserve a trustworthy vendor that sees the job through to completion.

Our Clients Matter…

We take pride in finishing projects with excellence. Here’s what some clients have to say.

We Get the Job Done

TouchPoint360 has proven time and again to be efficient and proactive, particularly in meeting deadlines and their added value support on commercial issues.

Senior Director of Sales

News & Resources

The latest TouchPoint360 news and knowledge from the frontline of retail experience.
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