• December 3, 2018

Creating Success with an Organized Work Area

Over the course of our work days, there are many different tasks that we must accomplish to have a successful day. Those tasks will vary greatly depending on what we are working on. Maybe you’re completing an 8-foot HyKo NLS set, building the perimeter walls in a new Ace Capital store, or possibly educating a customer or store associate on the benefits of a new CharBroil grill. No matter what the tasks for the day, an organized and well-kept work area is the key starting point for success.

A Clean and Organized Work Area Builds Confidence

Have you ever walked into a store and the aisles look like a mess? Your first reaction would be to panic and rightfully so. I believe one of the questions we should ask ourselves every day is “do I ever make a store owner feel panicked about that way I work?” If we take their neat and orderly aisles and tear them apart like a tornado, how much confidence could that build in our completed work? If you are clean, detailed, and organized, you build instant credibility in your plans and are more likely to successfully implement them. The retailer’s confidence in you will increase.

A Clean and Organized Work Area is Key to Efficiency

Each of us strives to be as efficient as possible to successfully complete our jobs in the minimum amount of time. A great place to start on a set is by having the proper size and quantity of shelves and peg hooks separated, neatly placed, and accessible. This initial organization will allow for an orderly dry set process which will get you off to a blazing start. Having your vendor racks and products in that same type of an orderly fashion will then allow you to finish the set in an accurate and timely manner. The retailer will be confident in your work and continue asking for your team over and over again.