• February 15, 2018

Field Training Matters

By now, everyone working in stores has received at least one of our training modules. There has been positive feedback from many great people out there, and we want to thank you for taking the time to provide suggestions to improve our training. This training program was created to bring value to the individual taking the training and those working on the crews with them. If the performance of each individual member of a team improves, the entire team’s performance will improve.

Imagine training a new employee who already has some familiarity with timesheets, travel policies, merchandising ability, and some customization ability. That’s the idea behind the 100-level and 200-level training. Nothing can replace hands on training. We do not intend to move away from that invaluable tool but having a base knowledge of some general merchandising philosophies should make it easier for the trainers and apprentices. Our new online training modules were designed to facilitate individual skill improvement as well as your ability to lead others to help increase your earning opportunities with the company.

All of our training comes from people within the organization. Please keep the information flow a two-way street with your suggestions, tips, and tricks on how we can teach each other to be more efficient.