• March 2, 2019

How to Be the “Greatest of All Time”

Many experts agree that Tom Brady is the greatest NFL Quarterback of all time, and it is difficult to argue with the success he has had as a quarterback. While I am not a Tom Brady fan, I enjoy watching his success. I believe his standards translate well into everyday life. They show each of us how we, too, can become the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time) of our individual roles. Tom Brady does not have the strongest arm, the most athletic feet, the greatest size, or the strongest body and yet, he is arguably the greatest QB ever. This is great news for each of us. Some of the factors that make Tom Brady great are things that each of us can strive for in our careers as merchandisers, installers, trainers, sales people, and managers.

The first thing I notice is his GREAT work ethic. I talk to my football team that I coach during the season about “working hard for perfection.” This is something I believe we can all strive for each day. I strongly believe that hard work is a trait that will never let you down. You see that in an NFL player like Brady who must push and condition himself constantly through the off season and the injury-filled days of an NFL season. We have the same opportunity to go out and push ourselves to be the best that we can be. While our efforts are not watched by fans on TV, they are seen daily by our co-workers, managers, company leaders, and most importantly our customers. These efforts can create a strong opinion of your work, either good or bad. So, I would challenge you to “work hard for perfection.” We will never be perfect, but the pursuit of that perfection will take us all very far.

The second thing that I see in Brady that separates him from the other stars is his preparation. No matter what the best coaches in the NFL throw at him, he has studied and prepared all week to be ready for them and is able to adjust quickly. We should always be prepared for the tasks in front of us. Maybe it is a new project and we have training videos or a training manual that we can watch or read to be prepared. Maybe it is a test set where you can learn the ins and outs from someone who has already completed the same work. Maybe it is in the opportunity to talk to a co-worker or a manager who can share great tips, even if those tips mean you might have to do something a little bit differently than you have in the past. When we show up prepared and ready to make a difference, we can truly be exceptional at our jobs. I challenge everyone to prepare like our careers depend on it. Dare to be great, go out and be great, and maybe even the greatest of all time.