• November 8, 2019

How to Build Strong Relationships

A key part of working on a team is relationships. It is important to build strong relationships andestablish trust. We enjoy working with others when we know they are honest and respect us. Here is a list of ways to maintain great relationships.

Identify the relationship. There are different types of relationships in our personal and work lives. Once you identify the nature of your relationships, you can start evaluating ways to improve each one.

Develop your people skills. Use positive body language. Pay attention and maintain eye contact. This shows that you respect each person you talk to.

Dedicate time. Strong relationships take time to mature. Focus on being consistent and dependable.

Figure out what your relationship needs. Some relationships might require more communication. Others might need different levels of feedback. Be positive and manage boundaries with the other person.

Appreciate others. Appreciation makes people feel better about themselves. It helps them understand that the work they do matters. When people feel valued, they will work harder to maintain and build a relationship.

Every workplace needs healthy relationships in order to survive. Take time to evaluate your relationships with co-workers and managers. Do you notice areas where you can adjust your behavior to make positive changes? Don’t be afraid to communicate when you see that changes should be made. Maintaining relationships is a two-way street. It’s on both parties to understand strengths and weaknesses. Be sure to show everyone in your life that you are committed to keeping those relationships strong and healthy.