We use only the best people…our own.

Low quality or disruptive installations mean loss of sales for both the store and the brand, creating unnecessary tension. Touchpoint360 relies only on our own employees to get the job done.

Workmanship Standards

We hold our employees to a 100% standard…we’re not done until the store and the brand are satisfied. And we emphasize creative problem-solving to address challenges and store-by-store nuances.

Minimal Disruption

When you see the blue shirts coming, you know the job will be done efficiently and at the highest levels of accountability. Our teams work hard to bring professionalism while keeping store traffic flowing.

Let’s Get Started
High Craftsmanship Standards

Since strengthening our relationship with Touchpoint 360, we have been able to expand our project capacity while holding down our overall cost.

Corporate Manager

Only 100% Effort

We take pride in finishing projects with excellence. Here’s what some customers have to say.