• November 7, 2018

Organizing Your Life

Mastering the art of organization will help you create a more balanced life. When you possess strong organizational skills, you increase your efficiency and decrease your stress levels. This applies to your personal life and work life. Organization provides structure. Structure allows you to easily navigate your daily tasks. Here are some tips to help you achieve a higher level of organization.

Create a calendar.

You can use a calendar or planner to organize any appointments, projects, activities, or deadlines each month. This allows you to have everything in one place. It helps you stay ahead of your schedule and anticipate any future changes that might be made. Try color-coding the calendar as well to add even more organization. You can also use a digital calendar on your phone to set reminders. Daily or weekly alerts ensure you are prepared for each day. You will gain more trust and respect at work when you prove that you can complete a project on time. The reminders can also help your personal life when you show up for appointments or activities. You will strengthen your relationships and show others that you are a reliable individual.

Organize your emails.

Remember, folders are your friends. A good habit to work on is creating a folder for each task in your life whether that be projects at work or personal emails from different organizations. In your inbox, create a separate folder for each project and file all emails away after you receive them. This way you know exactly where to look if you have any lingering questions. You should also create different folders on your computer. When you receive an attachment for a project at work, immediately save the document to a folder on your desktop. You will be able to locate the document yourself instead of asking your manager again. This level of organization can also be applied to your personal photos and files. If everything is organized, you should be able to easily locate files after a couple months or even years.

A clean work space is a happy work space.

Having an organized physical space will relax you. This applies to your desk, car, tools, and work area in a store. You will finish more work when you know where everything is located. You will become more efficient as you strengthen your skills. Store managers value organization. Your managers value organization. When you show them that you are organized and prepared every day, the level of confidence in your work will continue to increase.

Take some time to evaluate the different areas in your life where you might need to improve your organization. Maybe your emails are nicely filed, but your car could use some work. Slowly work towards being your best organized self.