• June 20, 2018

Shopper Marketing

What is Shopper Marketing?

For TouchPoint360, Shopper Marketing is an opportunity. It’s a discipline that focuses on the shopper and especially what happens in the store where purchase decisions are made. We’re all shoppers. Think about the steps we take before making a purchase. We may research a product online, seek out coupons/deals, choose how and where to buy, and then ultimately purchase and use the item or service. Understanding ALL these behaviors and facilitating a great in-store experience is what Shopper Marketing is all about.

When and where did this begin?

About 15 years ago in Bentonville, AR the largest retailer (Walmart) and one of the largest CPG companies (Proctor & Gamble) studied buying behavior which delivered some surprising findings:

• 70% of brand selections are made at stores

• 68% of buying decisions are unplanned

The proverbial light came on. Consumers experience a “moment of truth” in the store which motivated a radical change in marketing strategy. Understanding and catering to shopper behavior IN the store became the new focus.

What changed?

Marketing through traditional channels like network television, radio, and newspapers is no longer enough. Many of us now watch ad-free Netflix, listen to Sirius radio, and no longer subscribe to a daily newspaper. Shopping at a physical store is no longer a given either which means the experience better be worth the trip!

What is our role?

Our organization focuses on every “touchpoint” impacting the shopper’s journey. Langenfeld works closely with our clients to align the right product at the right price and optimal place (distribution channels). TouchPoint services are designed to optimize the in-store experience. Our merchandising services ensure the product is properly set and displayed. Our installation services for fixtures, displays, and point of purchase help guide and educate the shopper. Additionally, our associate training services and event marketing programs bring a more personal touch to a shopper’s experience.

We collect and analyze a lot of data. The 360Views reporting platform has been customized to be flexible and robust for customer initiatives and capture behavioral information about shoppers. This allows us to better understand their preferences and help our customers develop programs catering to their specific needs.

What is next?

The discipline of Shopper Marketing is relatively new, and the retail landscape is dynamic and ever-changing. Companies like ours can impact a shopper’s experience in many ways especially in the store. We’re fortunate to have an organization and business model built to support every aspect of the shopper’s journey. Just last year we hired Ashley Fogler for the newly created position of Business Manager, Shopper Marketing. She has a unique role within the organization developing customer initiatives for TouchPoint360 and Langenfeld often as one integrated program.

Our focus, investment, and integration will continue with many new shopper marketing projects. Stay tuned.