A personal touch at the point of sale.

For many products, the retail experience is still a vibrant and necessary point of contact with customers. But ill-trained or uninformed retail employees can cause the shopper to look elsewhere. Our attention to shopper marketing reinvigorates the in-person retail experience.

Better than Digital

A well-trained retail employee will outsell an app every time because they help the customer align the right product with their needs. We know the personal touch still matters, and we build that dynamic into our training programs.

Beyond Spec Sheets

Customer confusion will upend any sale. We make sure employees understand the nuances and benefits of the brand and specific products so they can go beyond the spec sheet and truly help the customer solve their problem.

Let’s Get Started
We Grow With You

The personal relationship with our partners is paramount; as we grow we can feel confident that TouchPoint will guide us when necessary with a professionalism second to none.

Senior Director of Sales

Trained Staff = More Sales

We help turn retail staff into informed advocated for your brand.