• November 8, 2019

Surviving and Thriving in a Team

With a significant teamwork-oriented project always ahead of us, it’s an excellent time to be reminded of what it takes to be successful in a team, including how to overcome challenges. Successful teams share a common goal. In order to achieve this goal, everyone needs to be fully committed to the project.

Reliable results are often associated with successful teams, but there are also challenges. Let’s face it, working in a large group can be stressful. We can’t necessarily control those around us, but we can control our own actions. If we hold ourselves accountable, imagine the positive results we could achieve.

Common Purpose: When we focus on the smaller details of the project, we often abandon the “big picture.” When working with a team, remind yourself of WHY you’re there. You already know that by being there, you’re an important piece to the puzzle, but the more significant meaning may help you find personal inspiration and motivation.

Expectations: Pay close attention to your Team Lead and Project Manager when it comes time to absorb what your personal responsibilities are. If the expectations are not clear, ask questions! I’m a true believer in that there is no such thing as a dumb question. I can’t think of anything good that ever came from keeping a question to myself. Have the confidence to ask for clarification when you’re not 100% sure of what is expected of you.

Communication: You should have everything you need when it comes to doing your part in achieving the end result. If you don’t, make sure to raise your hand and explain what you need to get on track. We can all think of times when communication was the direct reason for a project getting off track. It’s everyone’s responsibility to voice concerns if they are not able to perform as a result of missing tools or supplies.

Join Forces: There is much thought behind the scenes that goes into where you were assigned for all projects. Your strengths and weaknesses are considered in order to sharpen your fortes further and work on areas needing improvement. You have support from your Team Leads, Regional Managers, Project Managers, and so forth. We are all resources to help you be the best you can, so be resourceful!

Moments: It’s easy to become overly pessimistic, especially in cases of strict deadlines or large undertakings. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Mistakes will happen; accept that they are a natural part of life. Work and learn quickly from them. The quicker you can adapt and think critically, the stronger you will be not only as a team member but as an overall person.

Remember, “Teamwork makes the dream work.” Be the most reliable member of a team that you possibly can, and you’ll have no choice but to be delighted with the outcome.