• November 8, 2019

The Art of Selling

The quote by Robert Louis Stevenson could not be truer, “Everyone lives by selling something.” It effectively sums up life’s journey whether your profession is sales or not. Life starts with selling. Believe it or not, sales is the first skill that a child learns. Within a few months of birth, infants learn that their adorable smile and face-making will earn them cuddles and hugs. During childhood the skill is perfected. Afterall, kids don’t have money, so they rely on selling tactics to get what they want whether it’s a pack of gum or a new skateboard. Now that my children are grown, I have dogs that sell me several times a day to earn treats – heads turned, ears erect, sitting pretty.

As adults these selling skills are used at work where it is of utmost importance to build your brand. At the workplace, you not only sell yourself (the personal brand), but also the TouchPoint360 brand as you work with colleagues and store personnel/customers. Everything that you have acquired in life up until now, and will acquire in the future, is a result of selling something – your skills, talent, integrity, and all that is unique to you.

It is the only way to let the world know what you have to offer. You are constantly selling your personal brand when building relationships and credibility throughout your personal and professional life. We all have something worth offering and need to sell it. It is, in a way, the ultimate feedback-gaining mechanism for your personal brand and everything else that you associate yourself with.

Qualities that make you a master seller in the field and off:

Confidence. Know the scope of the project and value your talent as you approach store personnel. Be proud to be associated with TouchPoint360.

Commitment. Plan and execute as per the directives. No shortcuts,even if the job is taking longer than expected.

Integrity Put your best foot forward with strength of character and honesty.

Above par soft skills Treat everyone courteously and with utmost respect.

Continuous learning. Always be on the lookout to update your knowledge and skills. Sharing knowledge openly with your associates will solidify relationships.

Good listener. Pick up on subtle cues and know, without explicit communication, how to pursue a situation.

Good communicator. Along with being a good listener comes good communication. Clear, precise, and direct dialog is key.

Good attitude. Put people at ease to get them to voluntarily listen to what you have to say.

Problem solver. Use your experience and talent to sort out challenges. Deal with unfinished business promptly.

Product knowledge. Last but not least, have in-depth product knowledge about TouchPoint360 and brands that are being represented.

We all have these qualities to some extent so keep on selling!