• March 25, 2021

Training is Growth. To Grow is to Gain. To Gain is to Prosper.

Would you like to prosper? Who wouldn’t, right? We all want prosperity in all aspects of our lives, and it starts with training. We are trained to walk, trained to cook and trained to drive. Nobody is better at a skillset the first time they do something compared to the tenth time they do something if done in a relative amount of time. It applies to physical exercise such as running, throwing, lifting, yoga, whatever the physical nature of the activity is. It applies to work, say a toolset or drill bit set. It applies to almost everything in life that the more we repeat something, the better we are at it. This is what training is.

Every year the company sets goals for the year, and this year, one of the main focuses is on training. We all want to work for a prosperous company because it means that we can prosper ourselves. The question to ask yourself is how can each of us contribute to the whole to achieve our own goals?

Since we agree that training is the basis of any growth, let’s discuss how we can train in our daily work life. We have the available formats in our ADP training files that everyone in the company has access to. Some are mandatory, such as the harassment training that we all must take every year to be eligible for employment per ADP. We have other video training available through 360views for merchandising, company travel, reading POGs, and other processes that we use in our daily work lives. This kind of training provides initial information so that when a situation arises in a real experience, we have some recollection of that base knowledge to apply to the real situation.

The most impactful training we can practice daily is working on efficiency. Suppose we continuously focus on efficiency without lowering any standards of quality. In that case, we will inherently get better at our given tasks. It has been proven in resets that you will be up to twice as fast on the third reset of a difficult category, then you were the first time you completed it. Not only is the repetition part of the reason, but you will also find different orders to complete the tasks that save you time. It will be a natural progression if your focus is on training yourself to be better.

Take this approach to every task for the next 3 months that it is a training opportunity for your personal growth. See how 3 months of training can affect your prosperity. Engage with others to expand your knowledge on sets. Learning is part of the training. We all know that group strength can top any amount of individual power, so let’s approach this year’s training together. If we grow as a group, our prosperity will grow as a group.