• December 2, 2020

What a Year So Far

It’s historic.

It’s hectic.

It’s unexpected.

It’s one of kind.

It’s different than anything we have ever experienced.

And we HOPE it never happens again…Stress levels are higher than ever because change is rarely easy. For many people in our company, our life balance is out of whack and probably will be for another month or so. The good news is that we are finally on the back half of what has been a 6- onth learning process and one of the most difficult times in this company’s history. How do we get through this time of change and still maintain our sanity?

Growth is painful. This is just another growth period for both the company and us as individuals. No matter where you live or who you are, we are all learning to adapt to new things in our life. We learn about ourselves and about each other during times of adversity, and we grow from it, but it’s not easy. How do you deal with the pain and the stress of a growth period? There is no single answer, and it is different for everyone, but the idea is that you slowly get back into balance. Here are a few suggestions on how to do that within our lifestyles as merchandisers.

Most of the time we are living in hotels, working odd hours, and away from our families so it’s a little bit tricky for us.

Laugh: There is areason this is listed number 1. More than ever, we need to laugh. There is no better help to bring balance in a stressful time than to laugh. A funny movie, a cute clip on You Tube, a comedian’s podcast, are just a few ways to give you a much-needed laugh. Laughter is a release. It is the balance that can cheer someone up when they are down or stressed out.

Exercise: Sounds contradictory since we work our tails off in the store, but specific exercises and stretching will help those aching muscles and give you time to think about something other than work.

Eat Well: Not only eat healthy but try to have a peaceful, enjoyable meal. Prepare food or sit for a meal at a restaurant and enjoy it as a time of getting away. If you have a favorite meal, reward yourself with it after a tough week.

Me Time: Make sure you have time for yourself whether on a walk, watching a TV show, or that meal we mentioned above.

Chew Gum: Studies have shown that chewing gum can increase blood flow tothe brain and can have a relaxing effect.

Sleep: Not easy to do when work has you stressed and you’re thinking about the agenda of the next day or evening. Force yourself not to think about work prior to bedtime. Think about a vacation past or present. Think about a non-stressful activity that you enjoy. Trick your mind into dreaming of leisure activities and not work.

Family and Friends: Make time to have conversations with family and friends. Video calls help when on the road. A smiling face breeds smiling faces. Make those conversations enjoyable.