• February 5, 2019

Workplace Safety

Knowledge of workplace safety is important for every employee in our company because we want to establish a safe and protected environment. Proper safety helps us maintain wellness. We work in many different workplaces for many different clients all over the country. It is important that every employee keeps a few things in mind to help promote a safe work environment.

Be aware of your surroundings

Every store is different. Being aware of things around you will help you stay safe. Whether it’s a tote on the floor behind you, a shelf you’ve ducked below, or a boxcutter someone left open near you, being aware of possible safety issues can help you avoid injury. Be sure to resolve these issues as soon as you notice them.

Take regular breaks

So many work-related injuries and illnesses occur because a worker is tired and not alert. Be sure to get a good night’s sleep. Tired workers are more prone to accidents. Breaks help prevent exhaustion and keep you fresh. Your team lead will assign breaks and lunch time during a project. Taking a few moments to rest will help you in the long run.

Keep proper posture

We’ve all heard that old saying, “lift with your legs—not your back,” but keeping correct posture refers to more than just employees who lift things regularly. If you work at a desk, you also need to make sure you have good posture to avoid back problems, neck pain, and even carpal tunnel. Of course, if you do have to lift things at work, be sure to keep your back straight and lift with your legs. If you ever need to lift something you think might be too heavy, take a few extra seconds to find the mechanical aid that can help you (dolly or pallet jack) or lift with a partner.

Use tools properly

Take the proper precautions when using tools and never take shortcuts. Taking shortcuts is one of the leading causes of workplace injury. Be sure to use the correct tool for its intended purpose. Using tools the correct ways reduces the chance of workplace injury. Always cut away from yourself and others. Don’t wear loose clothing when using power tools. Be aware of what might be behind the surface you are drilling into.

Address and report unsafe conditions

There are steps to be taken to make any store or location safer to work in. Work clean. Never cross hatch open totes. Don’t leave shelves or beams leaning upright. Close or retract the blade of your boxcutter when you are not using it. If you notice a tripping hazard, remove it or report it to your lead. If you have any concerns about possible safety issues, do not hesitate to discuss them with your lead.

These principals can apply to traveling teams outside of work hours as well. Being aware of weather conditions, especially in winter, can help reduce falls and auto accidents. When it is icy, take it slow. When it is cold outside and you have outdoor work, wear cold weather gear and limit exposure. Alternatively, in hot weather, wear lightweight clothing, sunscreen, shading hats, and drink lots of fluids.

If you are injured at work, please report it immediately to your lead and manager. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Implementing these easy steps can promote a safer and healthier workplace. Please, be careful out there.