• January 20, 2022

Writing Our Story

by Dan Vander Molen

It’s that time of year again for those New Year’s Resolutions. What will yours be? According to RL360 the top 10 are:

• Improve your physical health

• Improve your finances

• Pursue your dreams

• Invest in your relationships

• Invest in your mental

• Live more sustainably

• Disconnect from your phone

• Read more books

• Get out of your comfort zone

• Take that once in a lifetime trip

Each one of those things sound like great goals for the year, and all seem so attainable on January 1st. The challenge is how do we not slip up on January 2nd while trying to accomplish them.

I like to look at the New Year not as a resolution, but as a start of the next new chapter in life. For TouchPoint360, 2022 is chapter 15 and we are the main characters in this chapter. We head into 2022 with combined company goals of record sales and record profits and individual goals of higher incomes, and recognized success. We want our customers to have their greatest years and for our work to help position them as best in class with their customers. But, in the real world it isn’t as easy as just setting a resolution. There are highs and lows that we need to maintain the course through, and those are truly what will separate 2022 from any other chapters.

As we look ahead at the outline for this chapter the outlook is bright. With the hard work of all our team members in 2021 we have built solid foundations with newer customers like Bed Bath & Beyond, CVS Pharmacy, and PetSmart while continuing to grow and expand our relationships with long time customers like Ace and True Value. We also look forward to the excitement of new clients in 2022 like McCoy’s, Family Farm & Home, and those we have not even connected with yet. With all this excitement in place, what are the keys for each of us to do to accomplish those shared company and personal goals:

• We need to remember that we are all one Team, and we are all working towards those same goals. Our individual successes and failures effect all of us.

• We need to have great communication

o That communication needs to go in all directions

o That communication needs to always be respectful

• We need to share a great work ethic We need a high level of respect for each other

• We need to share a determination that every day we will make a positive impact for ourselves, for our company, and for our customers.

• We need to work together and support each other through the challenges that will arise so that we all come out stronger on the other side

I can’t wait to see how we will write this chapter together. I believe in each one of us and I know that together we will write the best chapter ever for TouchPoint360 in 2022.

Together we will work safely, together we will work smarter than ever before, together we will communicate better than ever before, and together we will attain personal and professional goals that reach higher than ever before.

Happy New Year!!!